Train takes on car, wins


An Orem man has disproved the age-old adage that "any day fishing is better than a day at work."

On Saturday night, the man wanted to go fishing near 2000 N. West Geneva Road in Orem and tried to get as close to the spot as possible, which involved driving over a couple of train tracks.

His 1999 Ford Explorer became hopelessly stuck when it high centered on one of the tracks. The man tried in vain for at least 15 minutes to free his vehicle, said Orem Lt. Doug Edwards.

That was when, around 11 p.m., he saw headlights from a train bearing down on him and his Ford.

The man turned on the Explorer's emergency flashers and tried to alert the train engineer of his presence. But trains can take more than a mile to stop, and by the time the train's engineer could identify the problem, it was too late, Edwards said.

With nothing else to do, the man abandoned the Ford and moved to a safe distance to watch.

There was some fortune involved in that the Explorer was stuck on the track next to the one the train was traveling on. Consequently, the train sideswiped the SUV over and over and over again as the engine and cars in tow clanked by, slowly coming to a stop.

While the Ford was hammered to the tune of $3,000 in damage and had to be towed away, the man was uninjured except for a panic attack that was treated by paramedics.