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    My biggest advice is:

    1. Don't act like you know how to do something when you don't, it only gets you into trouble.

    2. Always ask questions, there is no stupid question, if someone gives you a hard time answering it, go to someone else or an officer.

    3. Always ask multiple people, some people on departments think they are know-it-alls and they don't know anything. If you ask multiple people you are bound to get a right answer.
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    Default tips

    always be respectful of your elders... if you don't know something, or think its a stupid question, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK! someone may have the same question, and also, treat fellow officers the way YOU want to be treated, and watch out for pranks, our dept is NOTORIOUS for pranks...

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    Default Re: Re: Thread continued

    Originally posted by Dave1983

    And I dont mean show up early and make a bee line for the coffee pot.

    Actually I think you should make a beeline to the coffee pot so the coffee will be ready when the senior guys wake-up/show-up in the morning. After the coffee is started, then continue with the rest of the advice given.

    I've only been on about three years, and, while nice to have a few guys (and a few fires!) under me, I still realize there are a lot of guys who have been around a lot longer. It surprises me how some of the newer guys act. Maybe they don't know how good this job is compared to some others out there. Don't be "That Guy". Show respect for the Brotherhood and earn your place.
    If you "do the right things" when you're the new guy, the senior guys will respect you more, and you will transition into "not being the new guy" much quicker and smoother.
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