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    Default FDNY HAZ MAT Question

    I know this subject has been talked out to death already, but I havent seen new post/threads on the subject.

    First off, what happened with the Office of Emergency Services investigation into the HAZ MAT incident in Manhattan where NYPD ESU kept out HAZMAT 1?

    On the other hand in the HAZ MAT section of Firehouse.com there is a news article that mentions that NYPD ESU is getting Haz Mat vehicles of thier own. Thoughts or opinions about this?


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    Can you say "Duplication of Services?" Nothing like wasting taxpayer money replacing trucks and people with different trucks and people so the first set can sit idle.

    I don't know all the aspects of this situation but there has got to be more to this situation than meets the eye. I can't imagine Bloomburg would make the move (read: NYPD is hazmat) without having a really good reason (read: hefty campaign donation or lost drunken gambling bet).

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    Another reason.. the NYPD outnumbers the FDNY by nearly 3 to 1.

    With the way the FDNY has been treated lately, I believe that Bloomberg is merely a dummy, and Ray Kelley is actually the Mayor of New York City who happens to be a talented ventriloquist!.
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