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    Default fund raising question

    work for a company that has a product that I'm certain would be successful as a fundraising tool for local fire departments. My question to anyone out there who has dealt with fundraisers or who is in a position to make decisions for fundraising activities is three fold.

    1) Are most local fire departments in a position to make a purchasing decision on their own and setup their own fundraisers or do they normally have to go through government buracrucy to receive approval?

    2) Suppose you received a sales packet in the mail from my company wanting to sell you a few cases of our product for $400, would a local fire department normally have a petty cash fund that would enable them to purchase these or would they once again have to go through the city to get the funds to purchase these gadgets and then turn around and resell them for a fundraiser?

    3) Is it common for local fire departments to have fundraisers?

    Any comments and answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Gadgets? We don't need no steekin' gadgets...

    WHOOPS, wrong thread...I'm outta here...this one smells like SPAM packaged in a different can.
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    There goes the neighborhood.

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