Firefighters check store in Crystal River for toxic gasses
By Amy Shannon

Emergency officials weren't exactly sure what was making employees at Fred's in Crystal River ill, but they erred on the side of caution, calling out firefighters to check the building for signs of carbon monoxide.

A store manager called authorities Sunday after he and several employees began to feel dizzy and nauseous.

"He first noticed it yesterday," Crystal River Police Sgt. Mack Ballard said. "But he just thought he was coming down with something."

Nature Coast EMS workers responded to the scene to check the employees for potential carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide poisoning, Ballard said.

The employees' symptoms subsided, and they chose not to be transported to the hospital for treatment, an emergency dispatcher said.

The store closed at about 2 p.m. as firefighters from Crystal River Fire Department and Citrus County Fire Rescue in Homosassa inspected the building in an attempt to identify the problem.

Ballard said the store's air conditioning system has recently had work done on it, and perhaps some sort of malfunction could turn out to be the source of the employees' sicknesses.