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    Cool Driver training programs??

    Any of you folks have any suggestions for driver training programs?I have been appointented driver trainer,and I'm just woundering where to start! I have spent over 23 years driving commercially . I have many ideas but I would like to have it on paper, that will pound home the safty factors involved!! Thanks

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    With the recent arrival of a couple of new and bigger apparatus, we are also revising our current program to include more material.

    At the basic level, I think it is important to start by teaching or re-teaching the basics such as pre and post trip inspection, securing loads in and out of the cab (which includes seat belt use), and the basic non-emergency rules of the road. After that, the biggest impact on FF safety and property conservation (aka not denting the BRT and/or the Firehouse), comes from backing procedures, and promoting situational awareness (including defensive/offensive driving). An introduction to emergency operations SOG's is important too. Staging and apparatus placement are often overlooked until someone cooks a truck.

    If you utilize formal EVO training courses for your operators, I would implement some of the elements of that early, such as shuffle steering, defensible zones, vehicle stability, etc. If your financial situation means that you need to do it all in-house, it should include all the advanced skills such as properly apexing turns, speed control, road surfaces, emergency braking, perception-reaction exercises, etc.

    And ultimately, there has to be adequate practical road/course time to actually hone the skills.

    We have chosen to adopt two levels to our driver training program. Basic includes non-emergency operations and Advanced is for the Emergency Operators including full EVOC certification.
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    Send me a PM with your mailing address.

    I have a PowerPoint that was created from the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal's Fire Service Vehicle Operator certification, plus content from FirefighterCloseCalls.com and other sources. It's about an 8 hour program.

    If you or someone you love has any knowledge of PowerPoint, you'll be able to modify it easily to suit your needs.
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