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    Default Help for a cadet (Junior Firefighter)

    Our Fire Department has a 15 year old junior firefighter who was injured in an accident, breaking both ankles. A MRSA infection set in and went to his heart. He was sent to the Shriners Childerens Hospital in Lexington Kentucky, where he is receiveing great care. He is doing great, but the fate of his right foot is still undetermined. He has always dreamed of being a firefighter in the army. His dream of going into the army will never become a reality (there is already enough damage to know that.) But he is determined to still be a firefighter. Our department is looking into what options are out there for firefighters with limited use of a foot or no foot (we donít know yet, whether they will have to amputate.) We know with the best case scenario, he will have limited use of his right foot (he goes into to surgery to remove dead bone from his foot in 5 weeks, it is likely that one leg will be shorter than the other.) What options are out there for us to look into to try to accomidate his needs when he does come back to the fire department. We wonít know for another 5 weeks what the extent of the damage to his foot will be. But we want to get a head start in finding options for him. He is already asking me if we can have special fire boots made for him. I donít even know if there is way to have custom boots made. If anyone out there knows anything about possible options for this young man, or even has a great success story to share with him, please let me know.

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    I honestly don't know what can be done.From the news stories about soldiers having amputations and staying on active duty,there has to be a way for your cadet to stay on.
    It sounds like he's going to have a tough row to how but if he wants it bad enough,he'll make it.

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