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    Since we know firefighters do not make a lot of money, I have a few questions:
    What kind of part time jobs do you have?
    Is the part time job fire related or related to your primary job?
    Does it conflict with your main employment?
    Do they understand whrn you have to work overtime on your primary job?
    Why are you working a second job? Extra cash, keeping skills up?

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    Actually, what I do with the fire department is volunteer. ( Yeah I know, some people don't like volly's, but.....) I run as a crew member right along paid guys (and they respect, protect and teach me) doing what ever needs to be done! We have 114 sq. miles we cover and averaged a little over 3000 calls last year. In that time, I worked full time, raised 2 teens alone ( graduating my son) and responded to almost 400 hundred calls, attended over 335hrs. training and pulled 1186hrs of shift duty. Now I am transfering with my job to the east coast( that'll raise my income almost 3 x's) I am in marketing, and I hope that I can find another department that will take me.... If I could be paid to be a firefighter--I wouldn't work another job though!!!! I do it for the love of the work and my fire family, not the money. Besides, I don't take much, and I budget well!!! LOL!!!

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    I work part time for the county ambulance service. Not a bad gig. I can set my own hours, the HQ is 5 minutes from my house and I only make about $1.50 less then I make at the FD.
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