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    Question What defines a good career department...

    I would like to solicit opinions etc. on what makes your department a place that someone would like to become a part of?! Big or small, rural or urban, incentive pay, education, training, call volume etc. How can you "sell" your department and make it a place that other's would want to be hired and retire from...

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    If everybody starting with the chief, takes pride in what they do it'll saturate the whole dept. Pride is what is huritng my dept. Nobody takes any pride in their work and it shows. If you take pride in what you do, that'll motivate you to try to be the best, and competion means training and education. Call volume will help give experience, but training can help compensate for that a little. Pay is always a bonus, but that isn't ussually the #1 factor.......

    PR=Public Relations. If you get the firefighters out there in the community at every chance, the rewards will come. It'll take time, but it will come.
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    imprezive said Pride and he is correct. The men and women of your department have to have Pride in there department. It should not matter how big or how small your department weather it is Paid or Volunteer if the members have pride in what they do it will show when you make calls, the public will see this pride and in turn will be more suportive when issues come up that effect the department.

    Now for the big question how do you get this Pride to come out in your department. It must first start with the Chief, if the Chief does not show pride in his/her department then how this Pride to reflect through the line members on a daily basis. The leaders of a department must be suportive of the members by awarding them for the job they do (even if it as little as a pat on the back and a "Job well done"). The Chief of the Department should stand up for the members of the department to get them the best equipment and benefits the City can provide. The line personal must show through there inter-actions with the Public that they have the Best Department in the world. I dont care how small or how big the department is if the men and women think that there department is the best, then that will show and that makes them the best. If the citizens see that Pride when ever they have an incident they will think that they have the best department and that will show when issues effecting the department come up at the poles or other support functions. So if you have that person who gripes and complains no matter what (they would bitch if they got hung with a new rope) those are the ones you should look at and get them to change there attitude (or get rid of them all together). Everyone must work at the image of the department to make it the Best it can be.
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    (I'm speaking from the position of career firefighter in a combination department, btw.)

    The biggest attraction to our department when we hire is our high call volume(relatively speaking to the other departments around us), the proactive and aggressive building/fire inspection program that we undertake, and the state of the art equipment and training. It sounds funny, but other departments seem to look up to us as the standard for the area. We're commonly referred to, in a serious, non-sarcastic tone, as the 'Big Boys'.

    The reason we've achieved this position is we take pride in our organization. Our members, both volunteer and career, put extra effort in to make us the best department we can possibly be. Our public sees us out there doing building inspections in uniform and marked department vehicles, and businesses and contractors become acquainted with us. Coupled with an early save of the building adjacent to our municipal building, we gained a lot of notoriety for our program from the beginning. I think pride and public relations have carried us a long way.
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