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    Default Tacoma, Wash. Fire Exam

    Below are some practice exam questions to help you study for the FSI test that will be used for the Tacoma, Washigton exam.

    1. When any substance burns, molecules of that substance enter a chemical reaction we call combustion. For this to occur, the molecules of the substance must be free to react. Molecules are usually only free to react when the molecules exist in the form of:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 4)
    A) gas only
    B) gas or vapor
    C) vapor only
    D) gas, liquid or solid

    2. This is described as the density of a liquid or solid as compared to the density of an equal volume of water:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 5)
    A) vapor pressure
    B) vapor density
    C) specific gravity

    3. This describes when the number of molecules leaving a liquid equals the number of molecules returning to the liquid:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 4)
    A) conduction and convection
    B) point of equilibrium
    C) specific gravity as it relates to the general flammable nature of the fuel and pressure exerted above the air space

    4. Which of the following describes the ease with which the fuel evolves to a vapor:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 5)
    A) nature of validity
    B) equilibrium point of ignition
    C) volatility
    D) ignition migration

    5. Gasoline begins to release flammable vapors at:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 6)
    A) 45 F
    B) 45 F below zero
    C) 32 F below zero
    D) above 212F

    6. The cooling effect of water can easily quench a wood fire below its:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 7)
    A) flash point only
    B) fire point only
    C) flash or fire point
    D) flash point, fire point, self-contained substance combustion

    7. Combustion is a __________ reaction.
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 8)
    A) continual
    B) chemical
    C) sustaining

    8. In regards to when a substance reaches its ignition point, an open flame would be described as:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 7)
    A) external ignition
    B) auto-ignition
    C) explosive ignition range

    9. Oak wood has an ignition temperature of:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 8)
    A) 325F to 375F B) 500F
    C) 850F D) 450F

    10. Which of the following describes explosive range:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 8)
    A) a mixture of the flammable vapors and air, expressed as a percent, at or below which ignition will occur within the correct range of vapor limit
    B) a mixture of the flammable vapors and air, expressed as a byproduct, at which no ignition can occur
    C) a mixture of the flammable vapors and air, expressed as a percent, above or below which no ignition can occur

    11. In regards to explosive range, if a mixture is above the flammable range, this is referred to as:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 8)
    A) continuous combustion
    B) vapor and equilibrium explosive range
    C) too rich
    D) too lean

    12. Explosive range of ethanol is:
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 8)
    A) 2.6% to 12.8%
    B) 0.7% to 5.0%
    C) 4.3% to 19.0%
    D) 1.4% to .6%

    13. Fire is the rapid combustion of oxygen and fuel in a _________ reaction.
    (Fire Chemistry, pg 9)
    A) preoxidation
    B) range of explosion
    C) chemical

    Fire Chemistry
    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. C
    5. B
    6. C
    7. B
    8. A
    9. D
    10. C
    11. C
    12. C
    13. C


    122. The tensile strength of the "Jaws of Life" is __________ pounds.
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 24)
    A) 10,000
    B) 15,000
    C) 150,000
    D) 155,000

    123. Firefighters should be aware that shears used during rescue work can:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 24)
    A) lift the weight of a car or truck
    B) pull a steering wheel and column completely out of a vehicle
    C) cut windshield posts and metal-clad door frames
    D) all of the above

    124. During rescue operations, an air chisel can be used for:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 25)
    A) cutting an access hole in metal
    B) air lifting front or rear of the automobile
    C) removing the steering wheel and column from a car

    125. This tool features all metal construction:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 26)
    A) pike pole
    B) pry-axe
    C) wire and bolt cutters
    D) pick-head axe

    126. If the pick-head axe is being carried out of its sheath, which of the following types of carries is recommended:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg250)
    A) forward carry
    B) position carry
    C) two-handed carry
    D) one-handed carry

    127. During emergency operations, the come-a-long tool is used for:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 27)
    A) pulling only
    B) pulling and prying
    C) prying only

    128. Which of the following can also be used as a catch basin:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 27)
    A) ventilation fan
    B) scoop shovel
    C) pipe chase
    D) tarp

    129. Which of the following can be used to sever extremely thick, heavy metal:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 28)
    A) Hurst tool and oxy-acetylene cutting torch
    B) oxy-acetylene cutting torch only
    C) Hurst tool only
    D) air chisel, oxy-acetylene cutting torch

    130. In regards to portable fire extinguisher classifications, an extinguisher marked with a yellow star is classified as:
    (Tools and Equipment, pg 29)
    A) Class A
    B) Class B
    C) Class C

    Tools & Equipment
    122. D
    123. D
    124. A
    125. B
    126. C
    127. A
    128. D
    129. B
    130. D

    Additional 640 practice exam questions can be found at the link below.

    http://www.fireprep.com/firefighter_...inc___fs1.html or at www.fireprep.com and click on FSI ( Firefighter Selection Inc.)

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