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    Default Mad Magazine "disgraced" By The Chicago Tribune

    June 23rd, 2005 - The editor of MAD magazine expressed outrage today after learning that The Chicago Tribune had named MAD as one of their "50 Best Magazines." "It's a disgrace that with 17,500 periodicals in print, this supposedly respected newspaper would single MAD out for, of all things, excellence," said Editor John Ficarra, barely containing his furor. "It's further evidence of a growing decline in the standards of our culture in general, and of the lack of judgment of this paper in particular. It's just the type of thing we're always railing about in MAD's pages."

    Growing red in the face and pounding his desk for emphasis, Ficarra continued, "Frankly, it makes us distrustful of anything that The Chicago Tribune reports. Are their headlines legitimate? Can their sports scores be trusted?"

    After several more minutes and the administering of a sedative, a groggy Ficarra concluded, "And we only ranked #43?!? Behind Time, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker? What's THAT all about?"

    MAD MAGAZINE ranks # 43 on the Chicago Tribune's list of "50 Best Magazines", narrowly edging out HELLO! (#45), Money (#46), Lincoln Lore (#47) Whole Dog Journal (#48), Absolute (#49) and Lake Superior Magazine (#50).

    MAD Magazine is America's longest-running humor publication. Founded by Bill Gaines in 1952, MAD has inspired generations of fans by parodying politicians, movies, television and modern life. Whether in print, on television, film or on the web at madmag.com, MAD remains one of the favorite American icons. MAD Magazine is owned by DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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    Default What does this say for the industry?

    When the words of a spoof/humor mag can be believed before the words of a "trusted" newspaper, what does this say for the World in general?

    He's right. It's a shame that "Mad" makes a Top-50 list, considering the overall intelligence level of America, there's no wonder.

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    Doesn't surprise me one bit.

    After all, I take the word of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show over ABC, CBS, or NBC News anyday. Even SNL Weekend Update trumps Fox News!
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