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    Default Can you give me advice ?

    I have a question and I hope you can answer . I live in a small city in California. my fire department protects two cities and has two fire stations one in each city. First let me say that I have no fire training or certificates. a few weeks ago I heard the department was taking applications for reserve fire fighters. I read the requirements and it did not say any thing about having training so i called and they told me i don't need any all i needed was a high school diploma. so i applied. I figure it will be a great way to help my community and if i get hired i could get my fire science degree and try for a full time position in the future when one becomes available. I am going to be required to take a written exam then a physical fitness test then an interview. the physical fitness test consists of 8 things listed at the end of this message. do i have any thing to worry about in the physical fitness part? also do you have any advice for me that will help me out to make me stand out ? any thing i can do to prepare? thanks

    1. remove 14' roof ladder carry it 25' around cone replace on engine

    2. 100' of empty 2 1/2" hose with nozzle drag nozzle past finish line. pull remaining hose past finish line
    3. drag dummy 20'

    4. Using 2 roles of 3' hose pick up and carry 150' to tailboard of engine place hose on engine pick up and carry back to start line without dropping.

    5. Hurst tool on table remove then walk 20' around cone then replace hurst tool back on table without dropping or propping against any support.

    6. raise 28' ladder hand over hand. raise to upright position with out stooping longer than

    7. climb ladder touch top rung without stooping longer than 5 seconds

    8. Fit applicant with air pack T.O coat and helmet tape tissue over visor and place candidate in room and turn around three times and on hands find exit door.

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    Default Testing advice

    As far as your test goes, you have to study, sometimes those books from barnes and noble work. They didnt help on my tests because it was totally different. Sometimes the city offers a study guide. For your physical agility test, they will walk you through each station and show you what you have to do. You dont need and prior experiance. Just pay attention when they are giving you a walk-thru. And for your interview, just be yourself, be confident, look sharp and know why you are there. Go over some questions in your head that you might get asked. There are numerous things on this site that you can look at when it comes to the interview. If you want to stand out, the only thing I can say is be early to all your test sites, look proffesional and remember first impressions are big. Good Luck and I hope you make it.

    Norfolk Fire Rescue

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    Yo- What city in California?

    Please go to this website BEFORE your interview-


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