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    I do not represent the British People, but I do represent the British and in particular London Fire Brigade within this forum.

    I would just like to say, we have been blown away by the outpouring of Love, Sympathy and Support from our closest allied Countries...I have to say in particular the USA.

    The 3000 miles between the UK and the USA & Canada and the many miles between us and those down under in Australia and NZ have seemed no more than a small step away ion these past days.

    I have personally received more than 100 e-mails from friends in the US & Australia that I have made through the job, all offering prayers, support and help.... I am getting round to replying to all of them.

    Apart from our Friends in Spain who went through similar early in 2004...I'm afraid to say our fellow 'Europeans' the nearest only 21 miles away may as well have been on the moon!!! Nothing has been reported apart from criticism that many illegal aliens reside within our Borders, so its no surprise we were attacked. (Most of whom got through Europe unchallenged to get to us BTW).

    Once again, thank you to everyone for everything, we knew you were right at our shoulder and we appreciated it.

    "Hey London...Take a Blow Brothers, We are here now"
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    'Irony'... It's a British thing.

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    Hey, you get our back when we need it, we get yours when you need it. That's what some European countries fail to realize, especially France (no offence to any French FF's in here, it's not your fault). We liberated their country in both world wars, and yet when we need a little support in combatting WORLDWIDE terrorism, they're one of our biggest critics. You guys were right beside us not only politically, but all through the assault to Baghdad, and even now, fighting the insurgents.

    I actually haven't offered any words about the bombings on these forums yet, mainly because I didn't know what to say, and it seemed that everything that should have been said was already taken by everyone else. It seemed as though the response was extroadinary, at least from what I could see of the news video, which wasn't all that plentiful if you ask was just the same thing looped over and over. I glad to see you guys pulled through, and that Londoners acted calmly throughout the day.

    Finally, since when is there a 7-floor Hard Rock?! All of the ones we have around me are one floor, as far as I

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