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    Default Moose Jaw Air show... 2 Pilots dead

    Well, I was at the airshow today and I saw 2 pilots die in a fire ball of a crash. I have sat through 14 years of airshows and never seen anything remotely dangerous happen but today was different. I remember pulling into the airshow and commenting to my family on the crash trucks set up on either end of the runways, never thinking that today they would actually be used. When the crash happened I was about 30 feet away from the late pilot's son and looked up to see his look of horror as his dad's plane went down in a fire ball. Being a Firefighter/p.c.Paramedic thge first thing I wanted to do was hop the fence and try to help, but as I looked on and reality set in, it was apparent that I could do nothing. I'm sure others out there know how I feel when they have seen an accident and the first instinct they had was wanting to help. I have only been a Firefighter for 3 years but in that time I have seen my share of tragic MVA's, but it's a little different when life is lost right in front of you. When you respond to a bad MVA the damage has been done and you never had to witness it but in this case I got to witness it and I felt totally helpless. I can honestly say that this is the most tragic thing that I've witnessed and it's hard to deal with. Please pray for the pilots and thier familes and God bless them all.

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    nbfire911, it is very hard to watch a tragic event and not be able to do anything about it. Our thoughts are with the pilots and families, tragic event.
    Do not beat yourself up over not being able to help - you saw the ready equipment. Know that they did the best that they could. If you find yourself dwelling on the event - be sure to seek proffessional help - no shame in it at all, infact I think very highly of those that seek help before it needs.
    Stand tall brother!
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    I saw the video of this on the news. That group was scheduled to perform at the Dayton Air Show this weekend or next. I'm not sure of the exact date. They were actually talking like they would continue with the show. It would take a stronger person than I to continue after something this tragic.

    nbfire911, I know exactly how you feel about arriving in the aftermath versus watching the event unfold before you. They are completely different animals.

    Thoughts and prayers for all involved.
    Steve Gallagher
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