Firefighters save the lives of woman and her son

By BRIDGET MURPHY, The Times-Union

Jacksonville firefighters rescued an elderly woman and her son from their burning home early Friday, bringing the 73-year-old woman back to life with CPR and reviving her 48-year-old son's breathing after finding them trapped in a rear bathroom, authorities said.

At 12:15 a.m., a passerby reported that the house at 1594 W. 35th Street was on fire, bringing about 25 firefighters to scene. Flames were shooting from the windows when they pulled up to reports that people were still inside, Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department spokeswoman Bennie Seth said.

They put the fire out in 11 minutes, she said.

Fire investigators don't suspect arson, but haven't found the fire's cause yet, according to Seth.

Firefighters took both victims to Baptist Medical Center, where they are being treated in a hyperbaric chamber after inhaling smoke. Both have life-threatening injuries, she said. The house had working smoke detectors, according to authorities.