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    Exclamation Hey Joel ..............here is what NOT to do....

    Oxygen Tank Falls From Sky, Hits Roof
    Tank Falls From Life-Flight Helicopter

    POSTED: 5:12 p.m. EDT July 12, 2005
    UPDATED: 8:00 a.m. EDT July 13, 2005

    Story by NewsNet 5

    AKRON, Ohio -- People in an Akron neighborhood are counting their blessings after a life-flight helicopter crew made a dangerous mistake.

    An unidentified falling object that turned out to be an oxygen tank tore a hole in an apartment building roof, reported NewsChannel5's Brad Harvey.

    SLIDESHOW: Oxygen Tank Crash
    Neighbors at first couldn't figure out what the large metal cylinder that made the hole was.

    "It was like, boom. I said, 'Dang, it's like someone's still setting off firecrackers here,' sounded like an M-80," said neighbor Bobby Davis. It left a huge hole in the roof just a few feet away from where Steve Siefring was sleeping inside. He was so beat after working third shift, the landlord had to wake him up so he could climb up to see what it was.

    "They went out my front window, and I was asking them, "What's up there?' And they said, 'An oxygen tank,'" said Siefring.

    Residents took a digital photo of the tank that fell from a Metro life-flight helicopter shortly after taking off from Akron General.

    Neighbor Daniel Risby slept through it all, too, and he said he didn't know what to think at first.

    "We thought it was al-Qaida because of the London thing -- you think the worst. Then we thought it was a meth lab, because Summit County has a problem with meth labs," said Risby.

    The life-flight crew had accidentally left the tank on an open landing gear door.

    It apparently fell as they retracted the landing gear.

    As Davis and Risby think about it, it's hard not to ponder what could have happened.

    "Danny sits over there, and we sit there and talk all the time," said Davis. "If it had hit a person, they'd have been dead."

    Copyright 2005 by NewsNet5. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

    Slideshow: Images From The Story
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
    ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS: Will the dead horse please report to the forums.(thanks Motown)
    RAY WAS HERE 08/28/05
    LETHA' FOREVA' ! 010607
    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
    "but I guarentee you I will FF your arse off" from>
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    OOPS!! That would definitiely scare the crap out of ya!!!
    The comments made by me are my opinions only. They DO NOT reflect the opinions of my employer(s). If you have an issue with something I may say, take it up with me, either by posting in the forums, emailing me through my profile, or PMing me through my profile.
    We are all adults so there is no need to act like a child........

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    Kinda makes me wonder too, what might have happened if it landed on the stem?

    I am impressed that it didnt rupture too.

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    They were pretty lucky noboby got hit.

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    At least it wasn't a body part

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