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    I have seen our Fire Police wear bright slime green jumpsuits out on a corner @ 3:00 AM and a driver say's "I did not see you".

    I did not see you there.
    yes you did, you drove onto on coming traffic to get around me

    I thought you wanted me to go around you
    Let me see if I understand you. You drive around a vehicle parked in the middle of the street with lights on it cause you think it was there for no other purpose other than for people to go around?

    Did you not see my police car blocking the street?
    Why did you go around it?
    I don't know what that means, I did not go to the police academy?

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    Several years ago we had a brush fire, with smoke across the road. A (female) driver drove around a DPS unit on the dirt, even after the officer yelled at her to stop. She later was pulled over by another DPS unit and when the officer told her to stop, she said no and drove on.

    Her occupation?

    Heart Surgeon.

    Her excuse?

    She might be needed at the hospital (where she did not have privileges to work) to treat someone.

    Yeah, someone she hit perhaps!

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    I know this post is been inactive for a few months, but if a scenario like the last poster's happened in my neck of the woods. There would be stop sticks and use of lethal force involved.

    A couple years ago after a highway worker way stuck, the driver fled and avoided the first set of stop sticks. Highway patrol received authorization to use deadly force, if she made it past the next barricade. One of the officers got lucky with his sticks, and she's doing serious time for her crimes. If he hadn't gotten lucky, neither would she.

    There are two things that highway patrol will not tolerate around here. Those are motorists endangering the lives of emergency/highway personnel and telling them no after they've told you to do something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFVFRWFD1 View Post
    Why do people call when somthing almost hits you a near miss? It's a NEAR HIT!!!!!

    They did nearly miss you they NEARLY HIT YOU!!!
    If they nearly miss you...THEY DID HIT YOU!!!!!!!!

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