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    Default A thank you letter

    Acting Chief David Adams recieved this letter form the Ludlow Fire Department last week. I thought I would share it with my fellow Forum members.

    Chief Adams,

    On June 26, 2005 the Ludlow Fire Department recieved a call from the Massachusetts State Police reporting a motor vehicle accident with multiple injured people on the Mass Pike in Ludlow. The initial call requested an engine and two ambulances. It would later be discovered that a State Trooper witnessed this accident in which an SUV lost control, slid into the median strip and rolled over several times. Two occupants were ejected as the vehicle rolled and two remained inside. One was self extricated and one was entrapped.

    As requested, our response was two ambulances and an engine with a total of seven personnel. I was the incident commander. Two additional ambulances were sent by AMR from Springfield. All four occupants were transported to a trauma center with an on scene time of 22 minutes.

    The incident went smoothly from our perspective. There were several reasons for this, one of which was that several people that were EMS trained stopped to help. One of them, Paul Maurice, identified himself as a member of your Department. He said that he was on his way to Firefighter's Day at Six Flags when he stopped to help. His assistance was greatly appreciated and I am writing to make you aware of his actions and to acknowledge his dedication to helping people.

    Sincerely yours,
    Captain Edwin J., Prokop Jr.
    Ludlow Fire Department.

    Paul is assigned to Engine 2 on Group 1.
    ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
    Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY

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    Well done paul!

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    Default ATTA BOY

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    This is what it is about. Helping those in need, regardless if it is your call or not. KUDOS to Paul maurice and his unending devotion to the call. This level of professionalism is what we need throughout the service.
    Job Well Done.

    ps, Thank you Captain Prokop for acknowledging this brother and his selfless act.

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    That's what I like to see. Obviously the reason for the letter is great, but the act of writing the letter ranks right up there as well.

    So many people these days are so quick to write the Chief, the Mayor or anyone they think might listen when they are ******ed off at something, but rarely does anyone ever put praise in writing.

    I thought about it about 18 months or 2 years ago and said to myself "Self... you need to acknowledge people's efforts when they make your job as IC look easy!"

    With that I have taken it upon myself to write letters to mutual aid agencies when they help you out on the big ones and I have made an effort to thank my guys for their efforts and in some cases just for coming out for the BS call at zero dark thirty.

    I'm not talking painsy group hug BS, but acknowledge when a mutual aid company come in and makes a difference on a job. We all like to go to get invited to the big one, but following that invitation up with a thank you letter from your department has great potential value both tangible (requesting new equipment, getting/keeping members, etc) and intangible (you know that psychology 101 stuff).

    We don't send out letters for nothing since that would defeat the purpose, but we send out for the big ones or the tough ones like the letter the Capt. posted. For the BS stuff like the company who routinely gets the cover assigment when we're out, they get a thank you for your assistance letter at the close of the year and perhaps an invite to the dept christmas party.

    That's it... I'm done... time to go find some mineral spirits and get the sap off my finger tips Hope you guys understood what I was trying to get at!

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    Git-r-Done Paul!
    David Bradley
    Round Mountan VFD

    GO NAVY!!

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    Good job Paul

    Thanks for the post Gonzo.

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