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    Default 2005 Fire Prevention Grants

    The fire prevention grant period will be upon us before we all realize it. That said does anyone have any ideas or past projects that were submitted and accepted. Last year my department was awarded a fire safety trailer which seemed like our ultimate go for the stars project. Now we are kind of searching for some ideas and feedback from others. Does anyone have some good ideas or things that have a good shot at being rewarded.

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    I was just thinking along the same lines myself. I am very new to the grant world. This year was my 1st attempt at the "big one", and with some help, we got the questions & 1199A. So I am starting to look at the Fire Prevention Grant as well.

    In addition to the questions you have, djs2740, I am also wondering after reading last year's Program Guidance about the risk assessment they talk about. How is this done? What have others done that has been successful? How in depth does it need to be? Don't want to hijack the thread, but my questions are similar to those of djs2740.

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    The risk assesment is a fancy way of saying you have to "know you have a problem" not just "say you have a problem". In other words you have to conduct a study to find out if the problem truly exists. This can be a very simple process or complicated one as the project might demand. IE:

    Let's say you want to put smoke detectors in the homes in your community and then do a battery change out at 6 month intervals. You are going to need to show that most of the homes in oyur community do not have smoke detectors in order to prove that the need exists. In this scenario I might contact a local boy scout or girl scout troop and reqeust their aid for a "community service" project, which all scouts generally have to do in order to earn some of their merit badges.

    The program guidelines state that they specifically afford higher priority to programs which address juveniles under the age of 14 and senior citizens over age 65. Keep that in mind...

    I would then make up a questionnaire with 3 questions on it (remember the KISS principle here).

    1.) Do you have anyone over 65 years of age in your home?
    2.) Do you have anyone under 14 years of age in your home?
    3.) Do you have a smoke detector in your home?

    Now give copies of that questionnaire to the boy scout troop and have them go down to the local grocery store or Wal-Mart and stand outside asking those 3 questions to everyone that comes into the store for a couple of weekends. Based upon your population, you should ask at least 25% of the existing population that you have: IE; 2000 residents, have 500 questionaires asked.

    When they have completed this you should tally up the results and extrapolate that out to the gross population of your area. You have now just conducted a relatively simple but, scientifically based "risk assessment".

    You could do the same thing for a fire safety program to deliver to 14 yoa juveniles in your local public schools. Get the school boards permission and distribute a 10 question test in the classrooms and test their fire safety knoweldge. Tabulate the results at the end and then, after you have presented the fire safety program to them, go back and re-test them with the same test to guage the effectivness of your program.

    It is really not that heard. You ould do this with a phone survery, door to door or any number of ways.

    If you have further questions about developig a fire prevention grant please feel free to contact me off-line. I do not wish to tie up the forums. I would be glad to assist you.

    Good luck.

    CHIEF Grants

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    Default Sparky's Hazard House

    Just thought you might want to check out our program. Over 100 Fire Prevention Grants were awarded for our fire prevention products for the 2004 FPS grant. Maybe just as many in 2003.



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