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    Default Homemade Chemical Explosives

    In the past 4 weeks there have been a number of instances where acid bombs have been set off in the Savannah area. Two people were injured at Savannah State and one person was injured at Daiquiri Island on Abercorn St. A patrol officer encountered at least three of these devices in the past several weeks.

    These devices are constructed of a plastic bottle, such as a water or soda bottle, a liquid chemical, and aluminum foil. When the chemical and aluminum foil are combined, the cap is placed on the bottle at which time pressure builds until the bottle explodes. The resulting explosion causes the chemical to spray in all directions. The chemical causes burns when it touches skin.

    Any person encountering this type device should stay clear of the area by at least 300 feet. Do not attempt to relieve the pressure on the bottle as it may explode without warning. Contact - 911 The Police and Bomb Disposal Unit will respond. You should call 911 even if the device has already exploded. If the device has exploded, the surrounding area should be considered contaminated.
    Lt. Sean M. Henry
    Thunderbolt Fire Department
    E-mail address: tfdhenry@yahoo.com

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    Default IED's

    Seeing as how I am right across the river, literally, It would be nice to see these things on the news or recieve some warning. I say this would be nice because SCAD is building facilities here in Jasper County. If you want to know where my district is, when you come down the Talmadge Bridge and get to the sign that says welcome to South Carolina, you just entered it. SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) and Jasper County Emergency Management usually do a decent job keeping us updated on things, but I guess this one must have slipped on through. I find that odd seeing as how these are technically random acts. Thanks for the info.

    Robert M. Lassiter Jr
    Levy Fire Department

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    Put this on the big board! People everywhere need to know this!


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