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Thread: FMC fire nozzle

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    Default FMC fire nozzle

    hey y'all......I was a fire fighter in PA (Station 21, a ladder co.), and I recently had the chance to come across a fmc high pressure fog fire gun at a yard sale....problem is I know NOTHING about it, nor can I find anything on the web...I was wondering if anyone can help me, or tell me where to get info on FMC equipment...the only numbers on the nozzle are NO.29.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    The #29 FMC High Presure Fog Gun came as part of the FMC HP piston pump. It would come attached to a booster hose. Some departments loved them, others did not. FMC stoped producing fire apparatus in 1989. FMC sold the pump business years ago but it is still made and sold under the John Bean name. Try this web link for info on the #29 gun.


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    Used back in the 1940's - 1970's by John Beam High Pressure. If you need the dry wall cut out, they were good at that or a ground cover fire. Not worth too much for interior operations.

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    The John Bean/FMC (did you know that stands for Food Machines Corporation?) HP Fire Pump system was a great system if water supply was a problem. We had a 1976 FMC engine that wouldn't get out of its' own way but those HP lines were usually the 2nd/3rd lines in the door. Remember, this was over 35 years ago so things were just a little different!
    The system we had ran at 900psi, used 1' ID high pressure hose, and developed 22gpm at the nozzle (ea). The nozzles had a pistol grip with a trigger and a twist action barrel for changing from fog to straight stream. They were great for taking out second story windows, removing roofing and siding shingles, rooting into deep-seated smoldering materials, and things like that. They were NOT designed for primary attack but I've seem them used on a small room & contents on occasion. Are you old enough to remember the "small water droplet" theories from the early 70's? That's where this system came from. These things were kind of dangerous if you got hit with the straight stream--they would cut!
    Bean made, and still does make, orchard/farm spraying equipment. We had a smaller system on a Grassfighter--it had an 11hp Koehler engine and twin reels with 100' of 1/2" (I think) line and the nozzles on it made 11gpm at 650psi (I think). It was very efficient and would really put out field and grass fires. Used it for many years--transferred the pump/tank/reels to several different chassis.
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