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    Default Cash advances?

    Here latelly theres been a big hipe on getting cash advances, I swear there are millions of these places around here. What are your opinions on them? I guess if it came down to it I would use one if I needed the cash right now, only catch is the extra they charge, or is there more to them?

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    I think they are legal loan sharking
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    I agree with Chunky Dunker.... In a lot of ways they are unregulated banks. Thing that frosts my.... is the "Cash Back" offers on things like Cars. "Buy this 2006 Lemmon 360, and we'll give you $1,000.00 Cash Back..." If you're selling the car for $20,000.00 Don't give me the cash back, sell me the car for $19,000.00, that way I don't have to pay taxes, finance charges, etc. on $1,000.00
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    Thumbs down

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    Default I need to...

    I use to work in one those cash advance places. My advice don't go unless you have to, which means there is no way you can borrow the money from anybody and you absolutely need it. We were often called legal loan sharks. It is one of those places that once you start you won't stop unless you file bankruptcy and sometimes that doesn't even work. We always got good business here because there are three colleges here plus a casino. But there are also five different cash advance places in this town. We had one client who was spending over two grand each month just to extend the loans because she didn't have the money to pay all the stores off. You have to give them so much information that they will follow you wherever you go just to get their money. I sent two guys court papers in Oregon and I am in Michigan. I took a guy to court and ended up taking his lawn mower to sell at police auction to get the money he owed us. The extra went to the police dept. I made some friends while working there, but also made a lot of enemies. No matter where I go in this town, I see atleast three people that I have either taken to court or ****ed off. Any and all money is so closely monitored that you can't loose a penny. You get annoying phone calls to your house every two weeks or less. We call your work, your family, your friends, anybody we can locate that knows you, just to get our money. I stopped working there the beginning of April and I still get threatening phone calls at home, I get threats out at public places. I have had friends of mine come in looking to borrow just a hundred bucks or so to make ends meet, I let them borrow the money from me before I would let them take out a loan. Yeah some of them are still paying me back, but atleast I know that they aren't taking money out from these horrible places. When they get a couple extra bucks they send it my way and we call it good. The inerest rates are unbelievable in those places. The store I worked at was the lowest in town and they were at 16.25%. I am going on and on here, so if anybody has any questions or wants to know more let me know. I don't get online much so e-mail me at Other than that don't do it.

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    Originally posted by Medic162
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    to quote another brother:


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    Never trusted them places...... I won't use them.....
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    I know of some friends who have got into a lot of trouble with them. It is a huge vicious circle. Once you start, for a lot of people, it is almost impossible to break. Each month they either extent it, pay it back but get stuck borrowing it back again.

    I read in a business magazine that they like to target military families, especially those with family members overseas and the paperwork is behind schedule; and post secondary students. It also said that the "money loan" industry is worth some millions (if not billions) and that if the banks were smart they would offer better short term, low interest rate loans to their customers. I guess most people feel better about dealing with a bank than a loan shark... I mean cash advance organization.....
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    never got involved in that ...........used to have to go one of those check cashing places when I got paid by snail mail and it would arrive after the banks closed on Saturdays.
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