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    I posted this thread under the Firefighting Forum as well, but I'm looking to hit as many people as possible.

    I'm looking for some advice from anyone who's using the MSA Firehawk SCBAs with the rescue / RIT belt. The waistbelt comes in two sizes, standard (50" and 72").

    We recently purchaced 13 of these packs. We have members in a wide variety of sizes. The standard belts are two small for the larger guys to fit into. And the large belts are so long that the smaller guys have the extra waist belt hanging down to their shins.
    Because these RIT belts are approved Class III harnesses, they can not be modified and there are no extenders available.
    If the smaller guys tie the extra up ot of the way, there cold be a problem with if the RIT line needed to be deployed.
    We thought about putting the standard belts on half and the large belt on the other half. But that causes problems if someone grabs the wrong size.

    If anyone has had similar experience or any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thumbs up MSA Fit Fix

    We just put into service 50? MSA packs several months ago. We had one guy who is too big to fit the standard size. He uses two carabiners to make ends meet.
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    Christ... no wonder heart attacks are the leading cause of death on the fire ground. A guy is too fat to fit into a BA and the only solution you have is to add biners.
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