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    Default Show Me The Money !

    USfirefighters.net asks the following:

    Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11, the US government has increased funding for emergency responders. Police agencies are getting most of this funding.

    Our current poll asks whether you think Police Agencies (who may prevent further attacks) or Fire Agencies (who would deal with future attacks) should receive more funding.

    Follow the link above to vote on this or any of our 5 second polls....discuss this further on our Politics/Funding board.

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    another limping horse reports to the forums.....

    Police vs. Fire funding is a limb on the same tree as vol vs. career, smoothbore vs. fog and so on.

    You can't expect money to be handed to you just for existing. You have to justify every penny. Unfortunately, Law Enforcement outweighs or out-'speaks' us when in comes for funding demands. Whether it is just their sheer numbers or something else, it does seem that the perceived squeaky wheel gets the grease and they do a good job of 'squeaking' in the right ears.

    If I had to answer with regards to exactly how you worded your question... I would agree.. they should get more money to prevent. It comes up on these forums pertaining to Fire Act grants and the disparity between grants for gear, equipment and so on vs. fire prevention/safety.

    Sometimes(now I know I'm dreaming a little) but I want to say if we spent more money on prevention you wouldn't need as much on mitigation/suppression.

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