Firefighters Fear Woman Trapped in Burning Building
Jul. 26, 2005

Amanda Butterfield reporting

An early morning fire engulfs an abandoned house. Firefighters fear the worst, that someone may have been trapped inside.

Fire crews got the call around 2:00 this morning.

When they arrived the house at 156 S. Jeremy Street was fully engulfed and smoke was everywhere. It could even be seen from the freeway.

The house didn't stand a chance against the flames, and the roof collapsed.

Fire crews say two transiets were spending the night there, and one man was able to get out. But he told officials he couldn't find the woman he was with.

It took nearly 40 firefighters and four engines to fight the blaze.

Investigators with the Unified Fire Authority are now on the scene to figure out what started the fire.

Dennis McKone: "At this point, not until investigators get inside. They'll be talking to other gentlemen inside too."

The house is a total loss. Damage is estimated at $90 thousand.

Crews are staying on the scene to put out hotspots this morning. They will search again for the woman.

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