Hi I am the mom of a 3 yr old little boy who has a congenital birth defect called Dandy Walker Malformation which means that he has a smaller cerebellum and excess fluid in his brain which results in low muscle tone and possible shunting from hydrocephalus there is No Cure for this.He is also autistic so he is infatuated with the lights and sirens Ethan loves anything firefighter related his dad is a EMT/Firefighter. We are looking for donations of anything firefighter/EMS related to help make Ethan a fire/ems theme room and a quilt made out of some of the stuff that we receive. Ethan would love to recieve anything of this nature in the mail please feel free to email me at mstirling@twcny.rr.com and put fire stuff in the subject line if you want to help us
Thank you so much
Michelle Stirling