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    Default London Metro PD/Scotland Yard-I am completely impressed

    I am completely impressed by the speed and efficiency of the anti-terror investigation that was conducted by law enforcement in the UK that has resulted in the recent spate of arrests. They should be applauded.

    We have learned many things and before this is over, many countries in this world are going to owe a huge debt of gratitude to the UK for all of the terror incidents that have been prevented and the lives that have been saved.

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    Agreed, the speed in apprehending these guys should be routine not a surprise. Puts our FBI to shame .
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    I'm not sure how true this is but the CIA and MI 5(007s outfit)are not supposed to surveill citizens of their own countries.
    However,they can follow citizens of each others countries without recourse and as many restrictions.
    It could be that CIA assest gave the info that was needed for their terr attacks and MI5 gave up the 9-11 hijackers to the FBI.

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    In the days following the 7/7 attacks, there have been a lot of accolades pured over London's Emergency Services...many have said that LFB have proved their title as 'The Worlds best Fire Brigade'...well as much as I am a proud member of the LFB, I am not so sure of that title...we certainly aren't as well equipped as Tokyo, the biggest FD, we are nowhere near as well trained tactically as FDNY the second biggest FD...we may be very good at Command and Control...and in recent years we may respond to more fires than any other FD...but that does not make us the best.

    The Metropolitain Police on the other hand.... their expertise is in demand across the Globe...9/11, The Bali Bomb, the Asian Tsunami...all High profile International events that involved 'The Met' in some way or form. As well as protecting one of the biggest cities in the World with one of the highest crime rates... they still manage to do this with the majority of Officers unarmed. They are run off their feet day in day out... I must hear Police cars scream past my office 20 or 30 times in a day. Whatever henious crime has been comitted anywhere in the UK, they are usually involved.

    I am proud to serve alongside them, we each know our roles, there is no rivalry, no envy, no turf wars, they respect us and we respect them. I have many good friends who are 'Coppers' in the Met.

    I think I can safely say that 'The Met' are the best Police force in the World... they have always done us proud, no more so than in recent weeks.

    And while we are here, I'll take my hat of to the London Ambulance Service, again up there with the best, they are busy with 1.6m calls for help every year that dwarf our 300,0000 Fire Calls.

    Proud to be part of the team....
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