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    Default Ain't it funny how the night moves...with autumn closin' in...

    O.K...so I'm seeking help from those that know.

    You see, after 13 years of being an officer (1 year captain, 12 years 2'nd Assistant Chief), I am hanging up the white helmet at the end of this year. I am still going to play an active role in my fire company as an apparatus operator. I was wondering...what's it like going back to a regular operational position from a more command centered position. For those that have been there, done that...tell me, is there an adjustment period? Do you regret it? Are you more relaxed? Good points, bad points?

    (I am going back to school for my Master's degree and will not have as much time to dedicate...as an officer should IMHO.)
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    Your 1st due.


    Hey, no Monkey or KWANG this time?

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    I thought you were mystic and all knowing. Shouldnt you know the answer to this question?
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    You'll see just how good you were as an officer. Cause when you demote yourself, they're gonna let you know for sure.

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    Talking ewwww...

    I think I ran over your monkey with the rig awhile ago... I was able to save the beer.. but the monkey is uhh... kinda squishy.. ewww..
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    I was an Lt with my former department and an engineer with my current one. I dont miss it at all. Ive had ample oppurtunity to sit for promotion in the last couple years but Im not interested. Im too happy doing what I do.
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    No regrets. You will find that your experience as an officer will help you be a better firefighter. You'll understand the pressures that are on your (new) supervisors better than your fellow firefighters and why they make the decisions that they do. You'll also be in a better position to help your fellow firefighters understand as well.

    Just remember that your former underlings are now your supervisors, and allow them to be. You'll be able to help them greatly, and if they're worth their salt they'll appreciate your help, but you'll want to let them learn some things for themselves, too.

    I've done this twice. The first time was all within one department- I was ill-prepared to be an officer, recognized it and stepped down to gain more experience. The second time, I changed departments. From Asst. Chief of the old to FF in the new. (This is what I base my above comments on.)

    I got quite a few laughs when I was awarded "Rookie of the Year" on my new department- after 19 years in the fire service and with a number of my former fellow chiefs in attendance. Guess I'm a slow learner!
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