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    Default Becoming a firefighter

    I just posted this on anouther forum but someone said I might do better to post to a forum like this....


    I am a 21 year old college Jr. I have, over the past year, desided that being a firefighter is what I would like to do with my life. I have talked it over with many of the people I care about and even though some have express concern about the job I still feel this is what I would like to do. The problem is I dont even really know where to start. I need help in getting a general idea of where i could go to train, what kind of training I will need and just a general overview of with it will take for me to get on the right track to becoming a firefighter. I will be thankful for any help you can give me.


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    your frist step is to find out what kind of fire department your city uses. If the department is paid on call or voulenteer find out when thier hiring, and hand in an application. most p.o.c. and voulenteer depts will train you at their cost, youll probably get your firefighter one and first responder/emt-b certifications. try the department out for a little bit figure out if firefighting is really the job for you, if you decide it is, do some research find out what full time departments are in the area your willing to travel to to test. find out when the departments are hiring and apply. the competition for a full time job is intense the last hiring process i -went through had 1400 applicants for 100 positions most departments are even more competetitive ive herd of departments having 3000 applicants for 3 positions. most hiring departments use a process like this

    -writen test
    -physical test
    -oral board interview
    -chiefs interview
    -background test
    -psych test
    -medical exam
    then if you get through all these steps youll be in.

    a lot of full time departments make and elegibility list, which is just a list of elegible canidates and the dept will hire the top people on the list.

    you can also get a degree in fire science or ems that will help you through the hiring process also military experience will get you extra points int the hiring process.

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    Golzy12 made a lot of good points. My interst of becoming a firefighter also started when I was 21 and also a Junior in College. I started off in a combination fire department, meaning there were a few paid firefighters, but the majority of firefighters were volunteers. I truly believe that this is the best career route to take if you want to become a paid firefighter. Like Goltz12 said firefighting is extremly competive even for volunteer postions. I had to test with 40 guys for 4 positions just to become a volunteer. The reason departments do this is because it is extremely expensive for departments to take on new hires. They have to supply you with training and gear to make you a functional firefighter. Also note that many combination department and volunteer departments also make you take written, physical and psychological examinations before they will hire you. They will also take a look at your driving record. These are just a few of the things the fire department will look at in regards to taking you on as a firefighter. I think it is important to investigate what the fire department is all about. I would recommend going into your local fire house and talking to the guys. I would also recommend doing a ride along with them. This way you get to see exactly what a typical day is for a firefighter. The truth is the majoriy of what fire department do is 70-80% emergency medical services. I would recommend at minimum of getting your EMT-Basic. Most paid departments now require you to get this before you can even apply. That is where the volunteer and combination departments come to play the majority of them will pay for your training, whether it is your EMT class of your FF1. The best of luck to you in joining the greatest job in the world. Last note I would recommend apply to as many places as you can because this will allow you to hone and test your skills when in comes to things like test taking and the oral board interviews. Best of luck to you.

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