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    Blowing off steam is human nature, but one needs to act as if every word might be accidentally transmitted either over the radio, phone, etc. So if caught, one only needs to prepare for what is to come from the supervisor.

    No excuss for it to go over the air or overheard in the background at dispatch while on the phone.
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    Not Going To Lie... I Do It Some... But Our Center Is Kind Of Bad About It. I Wish They Would Come Up With Some Rules About It But When You Have 15+ People All Cramed In One Room All Night Its Kind Of Hard To Enforce I Guess....
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    As far as cussing, you should always wait until someone else it talking on the radio and then say the preferred words so it is that "background" noise that we are all use to hearing.

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    Each center is different. Mine we let loose, if something ****es you off let it fly, I don't care, I am old enough to know what offends me and what doesn't. Nobody else cares, least of all the supervisors. As long as it doesn't go over a phone line or radio it doesn't matter. They know this room is our room and they respect that and as long is as everything is being handled a few swear words isn't going to cause a problem.

    I have worked both sides of the radio and I have never found the need to swear in front of citizen or anyone for that matter, however there is something about the chair and four walls and computer screens that just brings out the best of my vocabulary. We even did the swear jar one year and believe me that was one hell of party, opps sorry one hec of a party.

    My point is if you have people in your comm center who take offense to swearing, well I guess you have to accommodate that and watch your language. Your job isn't worth a swearword or two.

    I agree with MRJIM, we let our new people know of the free fire zone and it's never been a problem.

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