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    Default Justice Firefighters Will Lose Jobs

    Well, I have to say that I thought all of your comments were interesting. I am now a former Captain of the Justice Fire Dept. with over 15 years served in the town. We finished last night with an ambulance box with 4 ALS pt and two refusals. We had a barbeque for our members and their families all day yesterday. Roberts Park arrived this morning at about 0700 hours. Our guys were asked to leave by the Justice Police.

    First, when we found out about this, within 16 hours, we were developing flyers, calling the news media, and making an attempt to educate the public. We pounded the pavement on a total of four different occasions, hit block parties, and had restaurants passing out flyers with take-out orders. So, this did happen, after we found out about the true back-door deal that had occurred. The only reason the press found out about this is because of the Justice Fire Department. In fact the mayor had everyone thrown out of the firehouse except for shift personnel, and locked up equipment, because he thought we were headquartering our actions at the firehouse. Needless to say we still have receipts for everything we did from Kinko's, Officemax, etc.

    Second, the budget for the fire department was not $900,000. Fund 10 of the General Ledger was conveniently changed in January 2005. The break down was for $667,000 for fire, and an additional $300,000 for Emergency Service of street and bridge repair. This amount mainly consisted of labor for public works employees. The annual revenues of the department of over $200,000 were not accounted for by the mayor. In fact his numbers decreased 5 times over the last three weeks, knocking his ability to transfer only $425,000 dollars over to other parts of the budget. All in all, after salaries, insurance and general operating costs, the town is now only saving just over $45,000 based from December 2005 Budgetary numbers. The best thing about numbers, is that numbers do not lie...people lie with numbers. Need I mention that the Village is maintaining the equipment, station, and grounds. There is no cost savings.

    As for staffing, the Village has completely left the issue up to the Roberts Park Fire District. What the final outcome of that issue will be, I do not know and cannot comment about this.

    The issue for the Justice Firefighters and Medics throughout the entire situation is that if service is improved for the residents we will go. If the costs are truly being decreased we will go. However, being the loyal and dedicated servants we were, we needed to at least have our residents know that their taxes are increasing anywhere from $300-$1000.00 per year without their say. You see, this contract is negotiable annually. The rates will be raised every year. When the referendum is set forth, this may not go through, however there are methods that can be utilized for the residents to be annexed into the district without their say. The mayor is not giving back the original tax dollars used for fire protection to his residents. The mayor raised taxes without a vote. When asked, he will even state as he has previously, he is not raising the taxes, the fire district is doing that.

    If you want to read a little more of the history of the JFD go to the www.dailysouthtown.com. In the letters section, there is a nice little letter.

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    What gives with the going away party?

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    its right here Mikey ..scroll down 2/3 of the page here ......
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