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    Default Question about vision requirements...

    Alright, here's a question that's really been bugging me.
    I really want to become a firefighter...I know I could if I dedicated myself to it. But there's one major thing standing in the way and the details of it are sort of unclear: Eyesight.

    For a few years now I've had to wear glasses...at the time of the perscription my vision was 20/100. The lenses correct to 20/20. All the websites I've read give slightly different details...most say that corrected vision must be atleast 20/30 corrected, 20/100 uncorrected. A couple of websites word it differently as if it's just a guideline, while a couple of others still state different numbers (I assume because they're for different agencies or whatnot). It's a bit unclear...so I figured I'd come straight to the source and state my question.

    I know my uncorrected eyesight can't be much worse than 20/100 if it is worse at all. And without the glasses I can see enough to know what things are at distance..just not details. Corrected these days is probably...20/25? If not still 20/20. So the question here is this: If my uncorrected vision has gone beyond 20/100, will that absolutely prevent me from ever being a firefighter in the U.S.? Even if lenses can correct my vision to 20/20 and I carry atleast two pairs of glasses/contacts?


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    No it won't disqualify you. The reason for the 20/100 uncorrected is for when you are wearing an SCBA mask. Here is what I did since I'm not a lasik canidate get soft contacts the extended wear type so you can wear them all shift. I have had these for a few years and have had no problem when I go for my medicals.

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    I had laser surgery a year ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I would recommend you look into it.

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