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    Default Looking for shift calenders

    Our department is investigating 24hr shifts, and will be puting together an information package for our crews. I'm trying to gather different shift calenders to compare them. If possible, could anyone send an attatchment of their calender to bprovencal@cogeco.ca.

    Thanks, Brian

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    Post 24 vs. 10/14

    Anyone with info on pros and cons of 24hr shifts or links where I may find it? Please foward the info my way that would be useful on deciding whether to go to a 24hr shift or not thanks. g.wiebe@firehousemail.com

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    Thumbs up 24 Hr. shifts

    In our Dept. we worked the 10/14 when I started, in 2004 we negotiated a change to a 24 hr. shift. If memory serves me correctly, the floor voted them in by a very slim margin. It was agreed, between the corporation and the association, that we would proceed for a one year trial period with the understanding that, there would be systems put in place that would allow either party to opt out of the trial. The City were to look at training issues and sick time among other things, the association basically had an out if the members did not like or want the 24 hr. shifts. Low and behold, after the first year the corporation had little or no data, so we were able to extend to a second year trial, at this time the membership voted nearly 90% in favor to continue with the trial. However, after the second year, it was negotiating time again and the City, with no facts took them away. So we went back to the 10/14, from Jan.06 to the end of 2007. Starting in Jan.08 we were able to get the 24 hr shifts back, this time for at least a three year trial. They may not work for every Dept. but I know most here are looking foreward to them!!
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