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    Question Closeout

    I am awaiting the transfer of funds so I can pay our vendor. After that is completed which should be this week I will closeout our 2004 grant. If we are going to receive a award for 2005 for a vehicle will they wait to send out the 1199a and the questions until our 2004 grant is closed? After reading some of the posts I am discouraged about our chances for this year.

    Thanks for your reply!

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    I submitted my department's 2004 closeout report on 7/25/05 and then received my 2005 "10 questions" on 7/27/05.

    However, tne other department that I submitted for received their "10 quiestions" on 7/11/05 and have yet to closeout their 2004 grant.

    Not sure if this helps or adds more frustration.


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    The biggest issues in regards to close outs and previous years grants is where are you at in your process and how many times have you been asked for the close out. Here's a link to a thread that discusses previous years close outs, not much more info, but some.

    If you're talking '04 and you still have to pay vendors or order items, and you are within your 12 months, YOU ARE FINE...
    My home department was not awarded 2004 AFG until Feb/March of 2005! As is the case for alot of late rounders. So, don't rush and screw somthing up.

    You can have multiple grants open at once, and not affect anything, and it will have NO BEARING upon whether you are awarded this years. The only time it comes into play is if you have a 'delinquient' say 2002 award, and never did any reports. Didn't submit close out, etc. Perhaps you didn't know how, changed your email, whatever, and all that is just sitting there on a Regional Fire Protection Spec. desk/in-box. That will have to be completed PRIOR to being awarded any future grants.

    NOW, don't freak out at this point. The peer panel doesn't have that info. Basically, they are going to recommend whom they recommend and computer scores as they score. Just don't be surprised to get a call or email from someone either in DC or a RFPS saying complete this really overdue paper ASAP, or No Money for you!

    So, on the '04 stuff, chill out. Especially if you're working a big ticket item. No way a truck is usually ready to be closed out before they start handing the next rounds out - you're fine. Good Luck!

    **You can always email or call YOUR RFPS and just give them a heads up on where you stand with your previous grant. Always a good idea to keep them posted when you're working on multiple grants or have major questions/problems. They are also the ones who can walk you through some of the 'narrative-like' questions of the Close-out. example: they want more than Yes/No answers, want to know what you're doing w/ the money.
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