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    Question Alternative to the IFSTA Essentials?

    Hey Everyone,

    Who out there is using the new "Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills" Training Manuals? They were created by the IAFC and NFPA and distributed by Jones & Bartlett Publishing.

    Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills

    We are currently using a combination of the IFSTA Essentials 4th Edition, plus some very old BC produced training videos. We need to upgrade at least the video portion, and I'm looking to retire our old overhead slides in favour of some powerpoints as well.

    I have heard good things about the IAFC/NFPA produced "Fundamentals" Program, and the website has some good samples of the material, but before we and our sister departments go shelling out big bucks to change over, I have some more investigating to do, and would like some first hand reviews.

    Anybody got the goods on this one?
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    Having just become certified as an Instructor, I haven't had a chance yet to review the material - however I was told by the Lead Instructor for our county that we would be switching over to the new course material by Delmar (Thompson / Delmar Learning).

    I have reviewed the on line content from their website and from that portion alone I'm fairly impressed.

    Ask me again around September when we start "fire school" again - I may have different opinions.
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    Just did my second year using the Delmar series. Overall feedback from other instructors was that some sections were better, some were not. With the book, you get CD's with powerpoints for every module along with a quiz generator that is actually pretty good. NJ is switching to it as their "standard" and will be customizing it a little to fit the state's wishes.
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