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    Was just wondering, not sure if this has been posted before, but how long does it generally take to get a chief's interview after a physical agility test? I took it last week, and was told the next step is an interview with the chief but still have not heard anything. So I was just wondering if anyone knew how the process went from here and how long the wait could be?

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    You never know. Even when they tell you when it could take longer. I wouldn't be camped out next to the phone or mailbox. Be surprised when you're notified. You've done everything you can at this point. You don't want to be considered a pest or the one who couldn't wait and started calling this early to see what's up?

    Do make sure your voice mail message is appropriate.

    Here's why:

    Many aspiring firefighters live together with their friends to cut down on expenses and help pay for their education (paramedic, etc.).

    We recently conducted a prep class in which an opening occurred and we called the first person on the waiting list. The message on the phone was "you have reached the house of Tim, Jim and Steve, we are unable to answer the phone because we are sitting around drinking beer and doing shots of Crown royal. Leave your name and number and where we met you and how drunk we were when we met you"

    It might seem funny but, if that message was on the phone when a department called to bring you in for an oral interview or even a job offer what do you think the officer would do !!! That also goes for cell phone messages.

    Don McNea Fire School www.fireprep.com

    From Captain Bob: Almost everything you do in trying to become a firefighter will make and impression. Good or bad. Since we return many calls we often experience:

    It begins with loud rap or other offensive (to me and those who do the hiring) music. Then, a duet of how cool they are and using up the entire time the system will allow them to let you know how they’re not available. Pressing the star or pound keys does not let you bypass the message. It almost sounds like a demo tape auditioning for a recording contract.

    Or, mom’s voice giving instructions on what number to press to leave a message for the wonder child.

    How about no message at all? Just the long beeb. Or this: I’m so uninterested in life, hung over, depressed, life seems to owe me something-----Hey, leave a message. Or, you or one of your partners in crime picking up the phone with no polite greeting, just YEA.

    The power has gone off at some time and the message is the electronic default generic I don’t know if I have the right number.

    How about this one? You call and this security sounding voice announces that it doesn’t recognize your number, could you speak your name so we can verify who you are. After what seems like an eternity it comes back stating we are trying to locate your party or states we don’t recognize your information and hangs up. Is this guy with the CIA or in the witness protection program? Oh, yea, that’s the anal guy we want to hire. Just because you paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

    My son called a candidate for coaching. He lived at home. There was an extended religious message on the home phone with a calling to God. When Rob called back the dad answered. When he mentioned this might not be the best impression for his son opportunity, the dad said well, they probably need it too and would not change it. O.K., we’re praying for the candidate.

    Another had a message opening with music and the candidates voice with the invitation to walk on the wild side. It went from there. Poor baby.
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