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    I just booked a job as fire protection in the air force, set to ship out to basic Nov 29th. Just curious if anyone on here has any experience in the AF, how their firefigher schedule works, and if their certs transfer to civilian departments especial the chicago land area. Thanks for any advice or tips.


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    Congrats on your new career choice, Im currently an active duty firefighter in the Marine Corps, and i think i can answer most of your questions. The way it works now, everybody goes to the same fire academy, its at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo TX, i think the name is the Louis F. Garland fire academy, or something along those lines. You will probably spend around 4-5 months there depending on how soon your class picks up. While there, you pick up firefighter 2, first responder, hazmat ops, and airport firefighter, all IFSAC certs. Now as for transferability, ive been told different things, but from what i can make of it, Illinois is not an ifsac participating state, so what will transfer will be fairly limited. If you go to, you can find more info on what states everything will transfer to and so on. Now as far as schedule, most places you will work a 72-hour week, 24 on/24 off, i think its like every third shift you get a 3-day, and once a fiscal quarter you get a 5-day. And most places the trucks are mixed crews with civilans and active duty riding the same trucks. But hey, you cant complain too much, it is the air force after all, just kidding. If you have any more questions let me know, and good luck.

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