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    Quote Originally Posted by JackTee09
    I don't know!

    George Wendt is a straight shooter. He may rattle a few cages but he makes excellent points. EmberXX also made some good points.

    Hell, so did I. Where's my certificate?
    I believe he is also, that is why I was suprised at his "ignorant" comment about Emberxx's comment. I think he is right with his comments with the exception of that one.
    I agree with George on the wah! wah! about costing money for fire alarm systems, but right or wrong everyone has their priorities. If the council or township board or whoever has been told they should have one, and the firehouse burns down, I sure don't want to hear any whining about it.
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    For anyone in Michigan that wants to make a trip to Kalkaska there is a spaghetti supper fundraiser being held. The following is from the newspaper.

    A spaghetti dinner is being organized to raise funds for Sargentís family on Saturday at Dingmanís Bar on M-72 in Kalkaska from 5 to 9 p.m.
    I have not seen any other way to donate to the department or to the individual himself.
    Garfield Twp. Fire Department

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