We deleted the thread on the Firehouse Expo training.

There was a fire at the training. It flared up. On Duty firefighters -- as opposed to those training -- were called in to put it out. Sorry to those that are hoping for a big scandal, or think this kinda thing hasnt happened at other 'international syposiums' before.

Some of the ridiculous posts here based on zero fact and only hoping to rile folks up with opinion and slanderous statements suggesting arson or the 'dispicable' occurance, is a sad commentary of people who would rather buy into and press some worst case thing than face reality that the simplest answer is there was a fire, firefighters put it out, there were no serious injuries, and if there is any 'investigation' that finds wrong doing, it would be dealt with and reported when the time is right.

Be reasonable folks, suggesting that a professional exercise wouldn't take every precuation and follow every procedure available and basing those statements on next to no facts and supposition on some story or rumors, is not appropriate.

And that doesn't apply just because its a story about the same company. If the same were said for ANY incident, we'd hope and expect folks to report slanderous and false comments. If you want to post comments on any topic not based in fact, you won't be doing it here.