City Makes Emergency Purchase of Water Pipes

By Iza Montalvo
The Ledger

DUNDEE -- Problems with low water pressure led city officials to make an emergency purchase of two water pipes that should help water flow through the system more consistently.

The Town Council approved the purchase of the pipes during a meeting this week.

Town officials said the issue was brought to the council's attention after firefighters went to Camp Endeavor to spray the kids with water from the fire hydrants.

A few days later, residents from various residential subdivisions complained they didn't have enough water pressure in their homes.

"This is an emergency and we have to move forward," Kitto said.

Kitto said the water pressure issue is not new and has been discussed at Town Council meetings since 1999.

Recently, while a test was being conducted at a fire hydrant in the new residential subdivision Vista del Lago, it was discovered there wasn't enough water pressure there either, Fire Chief Chip Johnson said.

"The water pressure wasn't as good as we expected," Johnson said. "It drops out to nothing."

Johnson said the water pressure at Vista del Lago reached a level of 2,900 gallons per minute. To reach a safe level it must meet a standard of at least 5,000 gallons per minute, Johnson said.

Johnson said the purchase of pipes is necessary, especially if firefighters are called to a fire or if an emergency develops in the area.

The hydrant test was done at the subdivision a week ago, according to Johnson.

Apparently, the current lines that supply water to the subdivision are too small for the actual demand.

The cost of the pipes may fluctuate from $16,000 to $20,000, according to Kitto.

The pipes will be placed at the Riner Water Plant at the Dundee Ridge Plaza.

It may take up to eight weeks to have the pipes put in place and working full force, Kitto said.

"If there is a fire there (at Vista del Lago) we will try to handle it, until the situation is resolved," Johnson said.

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