Man accidentally sets bedroom on fire with candles

DESOTO COUNTY -- A local man accidentally set fire to a bedroom in his mobile home Sunday after he left candles burning when he went to sleep.

The man told county firefighters that he lit the candles about midnight when a power outage occurred, a DeSoto County Public Safety report stated. He then went back to sleep with the candles still burning.

A smoke detector sounding woke the man after 5 a.m., the report stated. Upon getting up, he found a small fire in a back bedroom. He stomped and beat the fire out by himself, causing burns to his right foot and leg.

According to the report, at 5:44 a.m. the dispatch office at the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office received a call from the man. Upon arrival, firefighters found the homeowner outside his home with some smoke coming from the rear door way. He told the firefighters he had put the fire out and removed burnt items.

Firefighters checked the carpeting and floor to check that the fire had not extended into the flooring, the report stated, and used a wet water extinguisher to make sure the floor did not rekindle. The firefighters wetted down smoldering materials that were outside the mobile unit and used a fan to ventilate the structure.

The man was taken to DeSoto Memorial Hospital to treat his burns.

Fire Chief Glenn Prescott advised residents to keep burning candles away from curtains and other flammable objects, and to make sure they are stabilized in proper holders. He also recommended that all candles be put out before one goes to bed.

Free smoke detectors are available to the public at the Public Safety building at 1985 S.E. Carlstrom Field Road, Arcadia. These smoke detectors were donated through the Fire Marshal's office by the state. Residents may pick up one smoke detector per household.

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