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    Thumbs up Windsor hirning process

    Just wondering if anyone haas done the process in Windsor, Ontario.
    Looking for some possible pointers.

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    Default Windsor FD

    I am a windsor FF......What kind of info are you looking for?

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    Default Windsor hiring process questions

    Hi there...
    I'm a dispatcher with Mississauga and have just found out my nephew in Windsor is also applying for the dept.
    He asked me about the written test, and I was unable to tell him anything other than it probably would have 'mechanical' type questions, such as flow rates, basic stuff about levers, or things like that. What other stuff do they ask on the test?

    What about his education and other forms of previous work or other activities? How much do they count towards being hired?

    Also, after the test (assuming he passes), what comes next? Do you do the York fitness test or have you gone to another form of physical testing?

    Any other info you may be able to pass on would be greatly appreciated.


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    You might get more info Here:

    Firehall.com - Hiring
    A'int No Rocket Scientist's in The Firehall

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