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    Default Firefighters Leg Amputated

    This is a sad story. I actually winessed a brother who got caught between two rigs. He was pensioned off - I pray for this Brother and his family.

    A Melrose firefighter had his right leg amputated yesterday during emergency surgery, a relative said, after a freak accident at a fire scene where he was crushed between two firetrucks.

    Fire officials were investigating the cause of the Sunday morning accident yesterday, as friends and family gathered around firefighter Neil F. Sullivan Jr. at Massachusetts General Hospital. The 34-year-old Melrose native, who is married and has an infant son, had just moved into a new house in his hometown, said friends and colleagues.

    ''He's a trouper," said his brother Brendan, 25. ''He's a strong kid, and he's going to come out of it."

    Fire Chief John O'Brien declined to comment on the details of the accident. He did say that one firetruck had been placed out of service, not because of any known problem ''but just to be on the safe side." He said public safety was not jeopardized by the removal of the vehicle.

    The accident happened about 2 a.m. Sunday while firefighters were battling a three-alarm house fire at 10 Everett St.

    Neil Sullivan, the son of a retired Boston firefighter, is the oldest of four brothers, Brendan Sullivan said. A graduate of Malden Catholic High School and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, he spent six years with the department, where he was capable and well liked, said O'Brien. Several friends and colleagues described Sullivan as a tireless worker who also painted houses and tended bar at a VFW post.

    ''He had everything going for him," said Andrew Coleman, who worked with Sullivan at the Chipman Avenue VFW Post. ''Everyone's very upset. He's a good, all-American kid -- that's why it hit us so hard. It could have been any one of us."

    Mayor Robert J. Dolan, a longtime friend of Sullivan, said the young father and his wife, Jessica, a former teacher, had just bought a house.

    ''He wanted to make sure his family got back to Melrose," said Dolan. ''He's one of the hardest-working kids I've ever seen."

    The fire chief said Sullivan liked to play golf and hockey, and helped others in need, recently organizing a charity golf tournament to benefit the family of a local man who died unexpectedly.

    Friends and neighbors established an assistance fund for the family yesterday at Melrose Cooperative Bank, Dolan said.

    Brendan Sullivan said his brother loved being a firefighter. He predicted that his brother will find a way to be successful.

    ''He'll do something that someone's never done," Brendan Sullivan said. ''He'll find a way to make this work and make it work well. I wouldn't put it past him to be a firefighter again."

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    Default UPDATE from todays news !

    Massachusetts Firefighter who Lost Leg Walking Again
    Updated: 04-06-2006 09:21:51 AM
    Story by thebostonchannel.com

    Melrose firefighter Neil Sullivan, who lost his leg while fighting a fire, is walking again with the support of his family, a new high-tech prosthetic leg, and a fellow amputee.

    NewsCenter 5's Heather Unruh reported that last September, Sullivan was in a wheelchair, still digesting the accident that crushed his right leg.

    "I think the most challenging thing was to get over the hurdles to get off the crutches and just to be able to walk again," Sullivan said.

    He is adjusting to life as an amputee and reveling in life's simple pleasures like playing with his 2-year-old son, Thomas.

    "Sometimes, he's a little faster than me now," Sullivan said.

    Sullivan is getting used to his new prosthetic -- called a C-leg. It's fitted with a microprocessor that automatically adjusts itself to the amputee's walking style.

    "The nice thing about the C-leg is that he is able to walk and not even think about it," Next Step Orthotics' Arthur Graham said.

    Sullivan's determination and optimism have been key to his speedy recovery.

    "He is just so motivated from day one. He's never complained or said, 'Whoa was me.' He wants his life to be just as it was before," Sullivan's wife, Jessica Sullivan, said.

    He's also had the support of his family, fellow firefighters and a new friend -- Jerry Scandiffio. He's a prosthetist who helped create Sullivan's artificial limb and understands Sullivan's situation better than most. Scandiffio lost his leg 16 years ago.

    "There's a bond there that's almost like a brother," Scandiffio said.

    "It was more than just him coming to visit me. It was also a friendship that began, just to see somebody who's living a normal life and looks just like you or I or anyone else, and you know someday that' s going to be you," Sullivan said.

    Sullivan's recovery is ongoing. He has more surgery on his left leg this month, then a much-needed vacation with his family.

    Next Step Orthotics has fitted Sullivan with a waterproof prosthesis so he can even go swimming.
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    That's great. I wish him the best of luck in his continued recovery. Thanks for the update Weruj1

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    Stay safe out there!

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    I wish you luck brother in your recovery, you are in my prayers.

    Great job Weruj!
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    Kuul Good luck, and keep up the Good Fight!
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    Best wishes to the brother .... but miracles CAN happen ....

    22 February 2006
    Simon lost limb in bike crash
    By Rod Chaytor

    UK Firefighter Simon Hawkins reports for duty with a false limb after losing a leg in a motorbike crash.

    He is back in uniform after bosses gave him the all clear to drive, climb ladders and fight blazes.

    Simon, 31, last night told of his battle to win back the job he loves after doctors amputated his lower left leg.

    He said: "At first I honestly felt as though my life was over. I'd cry myself to sleep and wake up still sobbing.

    "I went from being a very active man who enjoyed running and keeping fit to finding myself confined in a wheelchair.

    "I had always wanted to be a firefighter like my grandfather.

    "After my accident I was not a very nice person to live with. I just moped about."

    But then his partner Annie found an internet site about an American fireman named Bill Henry who returned to duty after losing a leg.

    Simon, who had been forced to quit the fire service after 11 years, travelled to America to meet Bill and was inspired to follow his example.

    He said: "I thought if someone else could do it, so could I." Not everyone was as confident. Simon added: "When I told a fireman pal what I planned to do he told me to forget about it." But Simon's family and friends raised 20,000 to buy him a fireproof false limb like Bill's - made by the firm that provides artificial limbs for Sir Paul McCartney's wife Heather.

    Simon began training with the false leg and exercised until he was fit enough to meet fire service entry requirements. When he returned to work he was given admin and community duties at first.

    Eventually bosses assessed him for a return to front-line duty and he passed.

    Simon, of Bromsgrove, Worcs, said: "It took a little time to get confidence but now I know my leg's capable of doing anything. Climbing ladders isn't a problem."

    Modest Simon insists he is no hero. He said: "I'm just a normal person, not superhuman. I've been able to do this because I've had great support and a positive attitude.

    "The guys at work don't give me any leeway but I wouldn't want it any other way. My five-year-old son Max says I'm amazing and calls me the robot."

    Annie, 26, said: "I'm immensely proud of him."


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    Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

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