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    Default NREMT's in FL

    Can anyone explain to me why NREMT does not get resiprosity in FL, yet the state uses the NREMT test AND uses the NREMT guide to teach it's classes? I heard it was a ruling from the FL Assoc of Chiefs, but that is just a rumor. I am trying to get resoprosity in FL but having one hell of a time.

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    If you can get an answer for that let us all know.

    I dont know this for a fact, but Ive always had a hunch that its an "arrangement" between the state fire college and the community/junior colleges . The arrangement being, if the state will only accept in state training (which equals money for the community/JC's) they will in turn accept credits for state fire college classes (which equals money for the state) as they are the only ones who award degrees. If the state accepted out of state training, then they would all lose out on the tuition (can you say "scam"?)

    BTW, its the same with the state fire certification.

    Oh, and I think the only reason they started useing the NREMT test is so they dont have to write their own. Thats just a guess.
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