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    Default Sheriff Chopper Shot Down

    Pilot is recovering after third surgery. Deputy with him ok. Helicopter crashed 15 feet from a house and very close to a fence.

    Search On For Shooter After Learning Bullet Downed Chopper

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department helicopter that crashed into the back yard of an Albuquerque home was forced down after being hit by a gunshot. Now, authorities are searching for who fired the shot. Sheriff Darren White said the pilot was trying to do an emergency landing, but it was a crash landing. A civilian pilot and a deputy were on board when the helicopter crashed just after midnight Saturday. They survived. Trajectory tests determined a bullet struck the helicopter's left pedal, one of the pedals that controls the craft. White said had the bullet not hit the pedal, it would have struck the pilot in the chest. The sheriff said the helicopter went from 400 feet to the ground in four seconds after the pilot initiated an auto rotation.
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    Wow that's an impact of 68 miles per hour (or 109km per hr)!
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