Well ok it hasn't quite hit the news exactly cuz the Newsy Types haven't made it back to their respective news places.

I just got back from the "6th Floor" of the Embassy where a small ceremony was held to honour those Canadian and American troops who fought in Italy and parts of Europe 1942-44. This is in conjuction with a much larger event taking (or about to start) in Calgary, AB this weekend, to present 1 Special Service Force (Canadians) with the Combat Infantry Badge.

For those who are a bit short on their military history, 1 SSF was comprised of Canadian and American forces personnel, and was dubbed "Devil's Brigade" or as some of the German troops preferred, "Black Devils", for their awesome fighting skills.

This is part of the email that I received on Monday regarding:

General Schoomaker, US Army Chief of Staff, has authorized the retroactive award of the US Army Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) for the Canadian members that served in the US-Canada First Special Service Force (“The Devil’s Brigade”) during World War II. LGen Kensinger, Commander US Army Special Forces, will present surviving Canadian members of the First Special Services Force (Devil's Brigade), the Combat Infantryman's Badge in Calgary on 13 August. We can also use that ceremony to say a few words about Sgt Smokie Smith, VC, who just passed away.

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