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    Exclamation Authorization of Radio Frequency Use

    I am in charge of our counties EMS field communications. My director has asked that I draw up a form that in essence is an agreement to allow our department to talk on another agencies radio system as needed for such situations such as obtaining patient information when a first responder unit is on scene, coordinating with command on large scale incidents, etc. This agreement would be reciprocal allowing the other agencies to use our frequencies for the same. We already do this but I am being told that we need to have a formal agreement.
    Basically I have no idea how to draw this up. I've looked online and have yet to find any examples. What I am asking for is this: where to find examples, what this document should state and any suggestions in general that you may have. Any help would be very much apprciated.
    David Toner
    Christian County Ambulance District, MO

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    Well to the best of my knowledge around here that is just common practice, but your formal form should include what frequencies you will be using, what frequencies, the other agencies will be allowed to use, the type of permitted use, and consequences if tyhe frequencies are not used in a manner set forth in the agreament. Hope that helps.

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    Keep the form as simple as possible. It should contain the following.

    1. Name of the department requesting use of the frequency or frequencies.

    2. A list of the frequencies to be used to include transmit-receive and channel guard codes.

    3. The intended use of the frequencies.

    4. The name of the owner of the frequency or frequencies.

    5. A brief statement of how complaints, termination of authorization or changes will be handled.

    Generally only the owner of a frequency can grant authorization for another agency to use it. Some were licensed for a specific number of radios. You might find allowing the other agencies to use yours or your use of theirs technically violates the terms of the license.

    You might also check with your local law enforcement and find out how they handle using frequencies that belong to other law enforcement agencies. They may already have a form you could modify.

    Stay Safe

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