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    Default seeking more civilians on forum

    We're working to increase civilian participation on our new forum. Our site is interested in increasing public awareness about our profession and in providing the means for emergency responders and the public to interact.

    If you're department has a fire website and would be interested in linking to our forum or inserting a frame on your site to the forum, we will be happy to provide a reciprocal link.

    The board is new and we'll be adjusted in the coming months as topics interests evolve. Emergency responders are also welcome!

    You may contact us directly through the site as well - USfirefighters.net


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    You won't find civilians here.


    "Insert quotation here."

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    Um I'm not so sure the webteam approves of such shameless self-promotion
    When I get to hell
    The devil he will say
    "How'd you put my fires out?
    In just one day?"
    I lift my hose up higher and higher
    that's how I do it, I'm a firefighter!

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