Pete Gannon at Dive Rescue International contacted OTS today and this evening the following recall was issued. The affected recall dates may be expanded too.

Blades Robinson, Executive Director
International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists



M & J Engineering Safety Notice

SW-3000 Swivel

Emergency Recall Notice

Recall Notice - M & J Swivel - 8/11/05

M & J Engineering has issued a Recall notice for all Swivels
manufactured during the time period of October 2004 through January
2005. This notice is for the Interspiro Divator MKII full face mask
swivels only.

DO NOT DIVE ANY M & J swivel if you have doubt of the date of
manufacture or if you have noticed the swivel unscrewing during
normal use.

You will find manufacturer's information stamped on the swivel
located on the main body (see the picture right). The date is stamped
on the bottom. In this case the date is 10/04.

OTS Unofficial Test: We have received 4 reports from the field that
swivels have come loose causing divers to take emergency actions.
Upon receipt of a defective swivel, we conducted a test. We connected
a supply hose to the swivel and connected the swivel to a Divator
MKII 2nd stage. We found that it worked fine moving in all
directions. The first appearance was they were OK. After applying
pressure (turn on the air supply) to the system the connections
become stiff. After moving the supply hose around, the swivel began
to start a ratchet type action. It actually start unscrewing with
each movement.

At this point, we are waiting for M & J Engineering to get back to
OTS with a solution and action. If you have experienced a problem or
concern with a M & J Engineering connector, please contact OTS

(714) 754-7848