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    Default Help just received the 1199a email

    I知 sure somewhere here it has been asked and answered. I知 a first time grant writer and today when I checked my email told me that I need to do the 1199a update and gave me a link. Does this mean the questions are to follow? Or should of I had the questions first? Or is this even a sign to be happy about? Any information would be great. Again sorry if it has been asked before but I知 half excited and do not know if I should be.
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    Yeah, it's been asked many times before. Submit the 1199a as soon as you can. There is a good possibility the "questions" will follow in the near future, probably within a couple of weeks. That's how long ours took after we got the award number on last year's 1199. Don't celebrate yet, but you're getting close.
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    We Recived ours today, we are in the same boat fireguy, waitin on the questions...

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    We actually got our questions the next day. Don't know how often that happens, though.

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    No news is good news. If you didn't get a "Dear John" you are still in the running till that happens. There are even some departments getting leftover 04 money right now, so never say die, unless you get the dreaded DJ.
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